I had to post the whole article, but links and more are available on the original post here. From slashdot: *“This SF Gate story says stacks of new releases for hungry video game enthusiasts mean it’s boom time for an industry now even bigger than Hollywood. The $10 billion video game industry, which generates more revenue than Hollywood, has never released so many highly anticipated blockbuster titles in a single season. It started in August with the game title Doom 3, followed by The Sims 2 in September, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas in October, then Halo 2, Metroid Prime 2: Echoes and Half-Life 2 last month. In November, sales of video games rose to $849 million, an 11 percent increase from the same month last year and up 77 percent from October, according to the industry research firm NPD Funworld. The industry set a milestone last month when Microsoft’s Halo 2 — a sequel to a futuristic game with an elaborate plot that pits humans against invading aliens — surpassed Hollywood’s opening-weekend movie box office record in just one day of sales.” * That is cool.