So, i realized that i carry quite a few things around with me on a fairly daily basis. So it deserves a blog post. Here is a photo of the basic contents of the Gadget Bag:

contents of my Gadget Bag

You can click the photo to get a better view and also with tooltips, care of Flickr. Anyway, there are some things not photoed, so here is a full list, things not photoed with have a * beside them.

XDA2s (main comms device)
iMate Smartphone 2 (backup phone, incase of emergancy)
Dell Axim X30 (main GPS reciving unit)
Bluetooth Headset (for phone calls when driving)
Bluetooth GPS (for getting unlost)
Wired Headset for XDA2s (for listening to podcasts and WMAs on my XDA)
Case for XDA2s (for holding the XDA, duh)
Case for Dell Axim (for holding the Axim, double duh)
Fuji FinePix A310 * (took the photo with this!)
Dell Inspiron 510m Laptop* (1.5Gz PentiumM, Centrino, 802.11b, 30Gb hdd, 512mb ram. windows laptop)
Apple PowerBook 15″* (1.33Gz G4, 512Mb ram, 60Gb hdd, combodrive, 802.11g. Apple laptop for OSX)
Dell and apple chargers* (why would you actually want photos of these?)
Creative Labs Headphones* (used originally on the Axim for WMAs, now used for the Laptops).

So, thats the gadget list as of Saturday 30th July 2005. Not totally sure what else i need, but thinking about a Creative Zen Micro Photo which Engadget where talking about eirler on. I found this in the Argos catalog a few hours ago, and though “Hmmm, sweet.” 319EUR for the extra 1gb (its a 6Gb) and colour screen. The standard 5Gb is about 230EUR. So, 90EUR for an extra (roughly) 250-500 songs. So, i could be getting one of those too! and i want a new camera, and probably a digital Video camera. i need a bigger bag! :)