25 of them! Check out DomainSite. they are giving people 25 .info domains for free for a year. after a year you have to pay, i think, but it still sounds cool. So, i have registered a few domains, and i will be setting them up soon. addresses will be posted here. in other site news, im moving my site back home. i have half the network ready for it, now all i need to do is move content in and tell DNS servers to update. hopefully it will be a seamless move. this should start tonight. [Update] dotster is doing this too. thats a total of 50 you can get for free! Hmmm. who is going to use 50 domain names? :P [other update] you will not be asked for a credit card when you order your domain names. later if you want to renew your domains, you will, but you also have the option of PayPal, if you prefer them. Not sure what else to say here. post comments if you have any questions!