I know a lot of people think the floppy is dead. i am one of these, but its not really. Its a very important part of some peoples lives. I have to hand up my projects on floppy or CDR. Some of my projects, like my webmaser project, my first VB assignment and other assignments are quite small. A CDR would be just silly. 650mb or 700mb disc and it would have probably 200k – 1.4mb on it. The floppy is handy for these. Now, my second VB assignment will be a lot bigger becasue of the database in it, but it will still look silly on a CDR. i reckon it will be about 3 – 5mb max! Still a lot of spare stuff on that CD. Anway, nowadays CDRs are cheaper then floppys in some cases. you can but 10 floppys for about 5 quid, or 25 CDRs for about 11 quid. Apple did kinda start the end of the floppy, faster CDRs made it look really old, and Dell are ment to be killing it off too. i only have a floppy drive in my machine becasue of assignments. my servers dont have one! my mams and my sisters computers have them, but thats only casue they came with it. so do you still use floppys?!