So, a couple of months back, i mentioned a company called Flexiscale who, at the time, where offering Windows and Linux Virtual machines, much like Amazon. Well, they have been emailing me a bit for the last while since my account balance is running low, so i decded to check out what had changed on their site.

Since the last time i checked, they updated their pricing page and now they include prices for VMs with upto 8Gb of ram and 4 Processors. but one very nice feature is the more RAM you add to a machine, more CPUs become free!

so, for example, the base system with half a gig of ram and 1 CPU is 5p, and if you want an extra processor, it costs 3p. but once you move to 2Gb of RAM, 2 processors will be the same price as one. 4Gb and above gets you 3 processors and 8Gb will get you 4. nice feature. Windows server is still an option, with either standard 32bit or standard 64bit on offer. both cost 3p per hour. if you want to use more than 4Gb of ram, standard 64bit is the only choice.

one other nice feature is their new calculator, which can go quite granular on times. your not just limited to months, but can go anywhere in hours (1, 6, 12, 24) to days (2 or 20), then a month or a year. very handy!