Well, i have since lost my original post about getting the XDA2s, which i prefer to call the BlueAngel cause it sounds more like what it is (when its open and the keyboard back light is on, the blue light just looks cool. So, i have had it for a little over 2 weeks now, and i must say im quite impressed. battery life is quite cool. on a full charge the battery meter tells me i have about 7 hours. now, thats 7 hours of the screen on. i usually have it in my pocket with DeltaLock on, which allows me to be playing music, but have the screen off and the screen locked with it comes to pressing it accidently. and with that on it lasts quite well. the software pack that came with it is cool too. EZOS WzWAP 2.5, KSE tools, GPRS monitor tools, and Skype.

[At the moment im a bit knackered so no linking, just yet. i will hopefully update this tomorrow with better links. and maybe some photos.]

anyway, keyboard is nice to use. reminds me of a mix between the keyboard on my Nokia 7650 and my Treo 90. the device feels good in my hand, and fits well in my pocket. its very nice to use. one thing i did think was a bit iffy is the Wifi signal. Where i work there is a public wifi spot all around the building (and outside too!) and at my desk, the BlueAngel doesent get wifi signal. my laptop does, mind you. i think its an ariel issue, and i wonder would the external antenna for the phone also work for wifi?

So, its a pretty cool device. still waiting on word weather there will be a copy of Windows Mobile 5 available for it. i have heard that there are some BlueAngels with WM5 on them floating around the web, but weather there will be a hack or something to get it on to existing devices, we will have to see…