File Sharing Boosts CD Sales. Here is yet another study saying that people using file sharing systems to find out about new music tend to buy more CDs than before they used file sharing systems. There have been other studies saying the same thing, but, like all the others, the RIAA will continue to ignore the results. You would think that, in the interest of helping the companies they represent, that they would be interested in the actual impact of file sharing, and not just their own simplistic (jumped-to) conclusions. [Techdirt] People just never learn: Copyright just doesent work! well it probably kind of works. That it! no one listests to the RIAA. there was an article saying that after the RIAA treatened users with being sued, P2P File sharing when UP 10%!  now that just proves no one listests to the RIAA. and thats another thing. RIAA.ORG? Though .ORG was for non-profit orginisations. so why they complaining about not making a profit?