I have been using Sauce Reader for a day or so now, and i only have 2 little problems with it. there not actually problems, but more requests. First is in relation to the Flagging of posts. i would like to have a folder dedicated to flaged items, like Outlook. this would mean that i could flag a load of items to read later, and later read them (even if they are marked as read) and maybe post them to my site. this would make life easer for me. secondly, i have seen a few of the feeds fail for some reason. with RSS Bandit, you have a search folder or special folder, with all the errors in it. that way i can find out why the feed failed to update. this would be handy too. I think thats about the only problems i have with it. I just found their news group. it has a web page here. havent had a chance to go though it all, so it may have been requested before. ill post this to there too. Lets hope this gets answered!