So, a while back, news came out that the Eye-Fi (an SD card with built in Wifi which allows you to send your photos over a wireless to your PC or other service, using a standard SD Enabled Camera) started shipping.

Well, this got me interested, but in reality, there are some issues. in this Engadget post, they outline some of the issues with the card:  trusted Wifi networks only, send ALL photos, not just some, etc. Well, it has been making me think: What would I like in my camera. Ideally, Bluetooth. it should also allow me to connect to another device and use its Internet connection (eg phone) to upload to services the camera knew about. wireless syncing to a laptop would be a bonus.

The problem though with Bluetooth is its speed. since Bluetooth is roughly 1mb a second, and my DSLR camera is shooting 8mb raw photos, it would take a minute to upload the RAW image to a device.

Maybe this is not a technology for DSLR cameras. maybe consumer cameras would be suites for this. just my random though for today…

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