Wahoo! i just ordered my Laptop (Dell Inspiron 510m), Palm top (Dell Axim x30), Smart Phone (iMate Smartphone 2) and Wireless Router (Linksys WRT54G). Dell say it will take 7 – 10 days for delevery, but i have heard of orders being delevered in about 4 days, so fingers crossed. As for the router and phone, i ordered them at midnight last night hoping to get them shiped really early today, but they wanted confirmation (or the bank did anyway) that i was me, or at least had access to the card holder, so i had to email them a photocopy of a drivers license and photos of the credit card! still no confirmation on when it will be shiped, but they say 3 days after it leaves their building. i got something shipped from them before and it tool about 2. so next week i’ll be a very happy man! :) BTW, once the router arives, there will be about 10min downtime on the websites. you probably wont even notice, but i though you should know.