Right. I have been working for the last 2 months in a place that im not going to tell you the name of, and i have been working on different things. its pretty cool, but about 2 days after i started here, i got an email saying i had a phone interview with another company. after the phone interview, i had 2 more full interviews, and finally about a month ago i got confirmation that i had the job. I will be telling you where i am starting on Monday, but untill then, if you already know, please dont comment. i want to make sure i can announce it, and need to change the layout of the site, add a disclamer, etc. but anyway, this is pretty cool stuff for me. this weekend is my “sit back and relax weekend” which might go slightly out the window if the RAM for the server arrived (rebuilding exchange servers is not my idea of relaxing, fun yes, relaxing, no!) or if i figure out how to get the other server i have back up and running (the original exchange sevrer). so, there will be relaxed posting over the next few days (and probably for part of next week) and i do hope to have a small podcast soon too. there is a few things i want to talk about soon, which i will over the next few hours, but untill then, i dont know….