Ok, its a rumor, but it would be nice if true. TUAW are repoing that EMI are thinking of selling more of their songs (well, technically there not their songs, but Coldplay, The Rolling Stones, and the Beastie Boys songs) online with no DRM. They have done this before with songs from Norah Jones, Lily Allen and Relient K. If this is true, it could be very interesting. Does this indicate we are getting close to the end of DRM? I klnow the record industry are being as thick as 2 short planks, as usual, and after the open letter Jobs put out, said they wanted MORE DRM on the songs, not less! The question arose (cant find the link off hand, so paraphrasing here) “Why? 95% of all songs are sold world wide dont have DRM on them (CDs) so why protect the 5%? why look for more protection?” Very valid argument!</p>

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