Ok. last week i redirected all my email to an other server. this worked grand, and it was backed up to there for 2 weeks or so. Total emails: 17000+! so, today, when my mail connection came back online, i decided to get my mail back on my exchange box. to do this i used a copy of Mail Forward for windows. I used this on the mac before, but now using it on my windows box. So, i told it where my mail server was (the backup) and where my new server is (the exchange box) and told it user names, etc. it started, and its still going! its now about an hour into it and Norton AntiVirus is being a pain in the arse. All my mail is backed up by it. its scanning the mail thats going out and keeping it there till theres none left to scan, which is an other 12000 emals or so. Strange thing to do to tell you the truth. i can understand the scanning of email before it leaves the machine, but why doesent it leave the machine immeditaly after its been scanned? i can just imagine being woken up in the next few hours by the exchange box and my workstation shouting at each other (well, the hard drives on each going mad with the amount of work they have to do, anyway) . Ahh well. what can you do?!