Jeff over at the Amazon Webservices blog talks about a new site called Renkoo. The idea is simple: Send virtual drinks to people online that you either know, or what to know (kind of like in a bar) and when they receive it, they have 3 options:

  • print out the page, and use it as an IOU
  • Schedule a meeting for the drinking (probably after lengthy online talking, as you never know who the other person might be…)
  • or just ignore it.

Anyway, that’s not the cool part. its the quote at the end:

“Thank goodness for EC2. Otherwise this would be making me very very nervous because we have no hardware, rackspace, or bandwidth that can handle where I think we’re going.”

So, this EC2 is really a game breaker. now you don’t need a tone of hardware, bandwidth, resources, etc to build a massive site. Just some knowledge, a credit card with money on it and some programming skills and your sorted, ish.

Depending on money, resources and time, i may (big maybe) build a project on EC2 with S3 and see how things get on. test it internally with a lot of VMs, then move to EC2 for a while and see how things go… could be cool! :)</p>

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