About a week ago i got a second internet connection into my Bedroom (third in the house, or 4 if you count the Vodafone HSDPA modem…). Anyway, Its an 8Mb ADSL2 link with [BT][1]. And this morning i picked up my new Router for the network: the [Linksys/Cisco RV042][2]. Its currently up and running well, and between my 6mb Cable modem and 8mb DSL link i am downloading anywhere from 400k – 1.1mb/s. Ideally, i should be able to get around 1.7mb/s ([NTL][3]‘s 6Mb is actually 6000k, and the BT line is 8096kb) but due to network conditions, etc, i am not. upload speed should be 1mb/s, but at the moment i havent figured out how to get [ZoneEdit][4] to do balancing on the links, and the RV042 does not talk to ZoneEdit for dynamic dns updates… So at the moment all web traffic (like this page) is comming from my NTL connection. Eventually, i hope it to be more balanced.