Linux Devices are reporting that Via have released a new Dual processor mini ITX board which has 2 1Gz Eden N processors, support for up to 2 Gb of ram, support for 2 10/100 ethernet adapters and a 10/100/1000 ethernet adapter, Serial ATA, and some other cool features. This got my head thinking. That, without the PCI slot, is 3 ethernet ports. If you can get more eithernet connections into this thing (like lets say a dual or quad ethernet PCI card, dual being the most likly) you could have a total of 5 eithernet connections. 4 of them can connect to the internet using cable modem or DSL, and the other (the Gb connection most likly) will connect to the internal network. This would be a really cool router! Now, if only you get get your hands on one of them with the 14 ethernet ports like here and you have a really cool router.