Check out this ExtreamTech article where they build a Dual
everything machine
: dual core, dual graphics cards, 2 raid arrays, etc. I
can see a few problems (well, not problems, but things i personally would have
done differently). First they go with an Athlon 64 x2 processor. This is grand,
but i would have gone with 2 Opteron 265s, 270s or 275s (dual core at 1.8, 2,
and 2.2Gz respectivaly). graphics cards are not that important to me, so
spending 1200$ on 2 graphics cards is a bit nuts! i would prefer getting the
second processor and the dual opteron board for the extra there. they only have
a gig of ram. everyone knows the more ram you have, the better! i do like their
twin raid arrays (2 10k raptors and 2 500gb drives). Cool article. i will have
to write on of these when getting my new machine!