I have been informed that a company called Netsource are offering DSL at really cheap rates compared to the competition here in Ireland (main competition IOL and Eircom). Well if you actually look at the sites, you will see IOL are charging €49.49 a month, but with a 5Gb cap. Eircom are charging €54.45 (€45 ex vat) with a 4Gb cap. Netsource are charing €45 ex vat (€54.45 inc vat) but no bandwidth cap is there. I already have NTL Cable modem into the house, but because of the web server from home, more bandwidth, plus the dedicated IP given by netsource will come in handy. And then you have this!. The nextland Pro800Turbo. Its a router with 2 wan connections. Strangly enough, if everything works out well, there will be about 4 routers in the house. The ADSL modem im getting, or looking at getting anyway, has a built in router. My cable modem is pluged into a router, which ill probably leave there, if i can. the nextland may want the modem direct. the nextland will then talk to either the cable router, or modem direct, the DSL router, cause i have no modem direct, and then have a connection to an other router, my wireless router, if i get it. so for the wireless network, to get to the net ill be adding at least 2 – 4 hops before i leave the building!!! wahoo! real bedroom datacentre!!! :P