i have been listening to a lot of the .NET Rocks shows this week. pretty damn cool if you ask me. i am downloading the WMA editions or the MP3 editions where the WMAs are not available and recoding them for the phone/pda (32kbits/s), downloading them to my SD Card, and i can listen on the bus in the morning or on the way home. one thing the phone doesent do well, or at all for that matter, is fast forward. or rewind. i would also like to have some sort of book mark on it too. like the shows are about 2 hours long, and it takes roughly an hour and a half to get into work, and about 2 hours to get home. with fast forward i could nearly get 2 full shows in a day, or book mark where i finish, and start again when getting on an other bus. anyway, check it out. they be pretty cool, maties (dont forgot, international speed like a pirate day, Arrrr!)