Last night i started to mirror because my main site phrases it and its quite slow. Well its still going. nearly 18 hours later, 1.1gb has been downloaded, 159000+ pages written, 157000+ pages updated (not sure what that meens, using WinHTTrack.) I think it has found a total of 469000+ pages and scanned 169900+ pages for links. so im guessing its gotten the 157000+ ready. Anyway, Its been running for close to 18hrs as i said, its using 192mb of main memory and 588mb of Virtual Memory. Its max main memory usage was 420mb, so im glad i have so much! Its making my system quite slow though! Im not suprised though! Its only used 3hrs of processor time, so im not compaining about that. i was testing the script and it works perfectly with it. so im hoping that it will finish some time soon. I thinks its about 1/3 of the way though, so an other 34 hours?! Hmmm. hope not!!! We see what happens! Its already taking quite a lot of space on my HDD, so i hope i dont run out of it! :P