I have just upgraded my copy of DivX to the latest version (i got a prompt asking me to) and while it was downloading, i noticed the download size: 11Mb. I have a 6Mb Cable modem connection, so 11mb is really nothing major (in theory, it should finish is about 16 seconds, but actually tool about 30…). Anyway, while installing, it gave me the option of installing FireFox and the Google ToolBar. Now, i dont mind being asked to install this (i said no, as i have IE7 and im happy with it, and dont want the google tool bar on my system) but the thing that gets me is that it was included in the download! Firefox weighs in at about 6Mb (5.7mb to be exact) So, that means half of the download was, to put it bluntly, useless. It was a waste of My Bandwidth, NTL‘s Bandwidth, and DivX’s Bandwidth. How many people download the player? How many dont want FireFox and The Google ToolBar? How much money and bandwidth are DivX wasting because of this? Argh!