this is a cool article over at You had me EHLO talks about the basic concepts of disk sizing in Exchange. very interesting read. my exchange server is doing ok, but i do have problems. for example, when the internet connection came back on after the few days, all my email started to stream in off the backup MX server that ZoneEdit provide. neadless to say, because there where so many new emails comming in (probably 2000 or so, i dident count) and because the exchange server checks for viruses and spam (cant think of the name of, but i think it is GFi’s Mail Essentials, i could be wrong though…), the machine went totally mad! that popup that outlook gives saying it lost contact with the exchange server has up for about 30min, and i could hear the hard drive trashing on the server. web browsing died too since ISA is on the same machine. i really need more drives and faster ones at that. I will be using their guidelines from this article too.