this oreillynet article has info on how to build microsoft smartphone applications. interesting idea that. i tried this before with and its fairly easy to do, but i havent got a microsoft smartphone to try this on, other then the emulator. its quite interesting. that being said, id like to see something like this for java, or at least something that allows you to make VB apps for other smart phones like the nokias, etc. app forge has a suite of tools to use VB6 to make smart phone apps. looks fairy cool. im actually downloading this now in work to see what its like. might be worth investing in. and theres a lot of supported operating systems for the apps developed in mobileVB to work with. devices include the nokia 7650, 3650, 9210 and 9210i, ngage, Sony Ericsson P800 and P900, and a load more, all listed here.