the new keyboard i bought is either too big for my desk (or the space infront of my monitor anyway) or my desk is too small for it (or it and the monitor together). the solution? im getting a new monitor! haha! well, i already planed to get a new monitor soon, a 17″ flat screen. very sweet! so that should solve my problems. but untill then, im slightly screwed. Hmmmm. damn anyway… it works, but the hand rest at the bottom is too far over the edge to be usable as a hand rest. now for cheaing with space… [update] it actually worked! i tried pulling the desk out (not really a desk, more of a counter top over chest of drawers and half a desk and something else, and it worked. now theres plenty of room at the back of my desk for cables to go though, and for stuff to get lost behind! hehe. and the arm rest is quite comfortable to use!