Right. i was messing with the MSDN that comes with Visual Studio 6 and i found a Help desk application, consisting of 24,000 lines of code, that actually works. that got me thinking. how about something like this for the LSDN? i could build it in either PHP, which im fairly sure i know, or ASP, which i now know enough about because of the VB6 course, or ASP.NET which i havent a clue about but could learn as its kind of simular to ASP and VB. if its written in ASP or ASP.NET, it will run on my workstation, as its the only real windows box i have, but will be limited because i only have a copy of the MSDE with 10 client connections at a time, and IIS 5.1 for XP Pro. where as if i did this in PHP, i have MySQL, which has unlimited connections and is free, and Apache, which is the same. i could do a series on this. not sure how good i am with tutorials, but i can try. so. what do you want in this? basic ideas that i have is an article publising system, blogging, maybe a forums(?), search in the site and source code downloads. anything you think im missing? post a comment with the language you think i should use and ill see which one wins!