Ok. because daylight savings time just kicked in, im just checking if everything knows what time is it. off all the things in the house, al 3 video recorders that are working (there will be 4 working tomorrow! :-) ) updated them selves to the right time. my phone came up with a message saying that windows ce has just changed your clocks for daylight savings time and to check if it was correct. the palmtop told me something simular. the server and workstation and imac all updated times too. havent checked the parents linux gaming system yet, but the router, which runs linux forgot what time it was and is now an hour ahead of all of use. my watch and my alarm clock have to be fixed. ill do that later. its pretty cool that my phone updated its self. i cant remember if the 7650 ever did that. i will check it when i get up in the morning. Hmmm. so today is 25 hours long then :-) [update] after checking the 7650 last night, i found that it did not update its self. there probably is a option somehwere, but i couldent find it.