CRAP! i just got a power surge at home, and it rebooted the server and workstation, probably the second server (dont know, its doing very little. still on the windows install Cd, to lazy to actually install it…), the router and the mac got rebooted too. but it did something to the windows install on my workstation. not totally sure what, but it keeps rebooting when it boots. now, i turned system restore off ages ago, and i cant remember why, but i never turned it back on, and “last known good boot” thing on the F8 menu dident work. when i tried to reinstall windows, it told me that my drive was either currupted (hmmm) or to full (that could be true). either way, i had to do a format and reinstall of windows. Well, guess what. i dont have a recient backup. last one was about 3 months ago. so starting now, im putting a reminder in my phone (since its a smartphone and will remind me a lot!) to make backups to DVD every month. Bloody tipical! i dident loose anything major, i dont think. lost about a days work on BlogWare and some old email, but thats about it. now to reinstall everything though! :( i hate this part! ahhh well, at least its not major as i said.