so, reading JK on the Run this morning, i found their post on the CTR500 Cellular Travel Router by Cradlepoint and though “SWEET! I WANT!” but, its missing something very important: Battery power.

if i am “out and about” in town or somewhere, with my laptop, iPhone, etc, and i am sitting in a Cafe or waiting on someone, i dont really want to spend money on their WiFi service (if they have one). Plus, if they do have one, they are usually limited to 1 device. so, i cant check email on the iPhone, download music on the iPod Touch, and lark about on the Web with the OQO all at the same time. one at a time please… So, this, if it had a battery, would be perfect! even if it only latest, say, 5 or 6 hours running, i would be very happy with it.

so, i wonder how long it will take someone to bolt on a battery pack to this…