So, i decided i needed a dedicated mp3 player, and i got me a Creative MuVo V200, 1Gb. works quite cool, except you need to hack it to work with Windows Media Player 10, which is a pain. It only goes 2 levels deep to read music from the directorys, but WMP10 usually puts music 3 levels deep from the root. (eg Music\Coldplay\X & Y*.mp3). the muvo cant see this, so to hack it, once WMP has copied all the music over, i have to go to the drive, cut all the contents from the music folder and paste them into the root directory. it works, but its a pain, plus WMP cant see the data, so it tries to do a full sync, and runs out of space, and i dont think it copies the play count either. Hopefully creative get this fixed soon. but its a cool device so far!