this article over at Keven Grey’s weblog shows you how to create a URL Shrinking site like or TinyURL. but while reading it, it got me thinking. one of the main problems i have while writing the ASP.NET implementation of WordPress is the URL rewriting. With wordpress you have a fake directory called archives, which also has sub fake directories, like 2004 for the year, 11 for the month, 07 for the day and then an article ID. it then has a Post Slug, which is autogenerated by WordPress. If the url us /archives/2004/ you will see all posts for 2004. if it has a month, like /archives/2004/11/ you would see all posts for november 2004. then you can but in a day, so /archives/2004/11/07/ will show all posts for today. finally, you can put in the post id, and it will just show you that. which made me think: can the URL shrinking theory work for my wordpress implementation? if so, can it work out directories, etc? i will be trying this later on to see if it will work. i will post the results when i have them.