Cray CX1

Now this is cool! Cray and Microsoft have announced the Cray CX1 Supercomputer, which is a really tiny (7U) super computer for use by, well, anyone who can afford it. Starting price is about $25k, going to upwards of $60k. the enclosure takes 8 “blades”. you can mix and match these blades. There are 2 types of compute blades (single or dual socket, dual or quad core Xeons, upto 32Gb ram and storage), 2 storage blades (one 2 wide, holding 4 disks, 2 CPUs (again dual or quad core) and upto 32gb of ram, the other 3 wide, holding the same but with upto 8 disks). then there is a “Visualization” blade, which has same type of processor, memory and storage options of the compute blades, but with a high end graphics card and being 2 units wide. so, you can mix and match! the reason Microsoft are in on this? Windows Compute Cluster Edition. I want one of these for my house! i can see this being handy for a lot of things! :)