Ok. the computer is up and working, but not very well. i have 128mb PC 133 memory in it and windows is used to about 768mb. At the moment, its swapping a lot. pretty much everything i ask it to do takes ages. not fun to do stuff with! 8 – 10 seconds to start looking for a web site, 30 seconds to start IE, and about 5 seconds to switch between tasks. its a nightmear to use!!! Its using 128mb of RAM and the same of swap. it says theres 3mb of ram free, and 31mb of system cache. it says theres a total of 899mb or so of memory. when i had 768 i remember seeing my system using 1.2 – 1.4Gb of memory, not slowing down that much and still had memory to spare! hopefully this memory arives from norway tomorow. The one thing i can say is this is quite stable. the 128mb dimm thats in the system is from the same maker of the memory im getting from Koomplett.ie. Read below for a write up i did last night on my phone! :P this was before i found out that only one of the dimms where dead!

Just some more about what exactly is going on with the memory in my machine. I

had some problems with the DDR stuff i had in my machine originally. It was

crashing after a certin amount of memory had been used. About 600+ of the 768

available to it. So i ran a test and found out it was in the last 60mb of the

256mb dimm. Not being able to bring it back i just left it for a while. Crashed

once or twice but was ok ish. Then it really pissed me off. So i took the 256mb

out, tested the 512mb and then found out it had problems! I brought there back

got a refund and now have two dead 128mb dimms that keep crashing randomly! I

hope to get my new dimms on friday! I can just hope! I went from 768 of ram to

256 and now 32 on the parents pc and 4 on my phone. Thats what in typing this up

on now! Hehe!