this post talks about source control systems and has the advantages and cons of 3 different systems: SourceGear Vault, which i want to try out, Perforce, which i also want to try out, and CVS which i have tried out, and is OK. Both Perforce and SourceGear Vault are free for 1 or 2 users. Actually, the article says that vault is free for 1 user, but i cant find it on the acutal site that it is. Preforce says on their site that they allow 2 users and 2 workspaces without a license. handy that. i like the look of Valut. it has a MSSQL or MSDE backend, so backup of your entire source is done though that to a SQL script with can be burned to CD. hmmmm. i wonder is it actually free for 1 user or what…. [update] yea it is free for single users. info about that is here. Sweet. going to download this now.