Teeny, cheap USB storage. <img height=91 src=”http://craphound.com/images/teenyusbfob.jpg” width=116 align=left> This teeny-ass USB storage-fob holds 128MB and retails for $37. John Gilmore has a great rant about storage cost/size/capacity/power-consumption trends — he says that in 10 years, we’ll have drives the size of sugar-cubes with enough capacity to store all the movies, books, music, art and text ever created, that can be powered by a hard shake and are cheap enough to put in a Christmas Stocking. Link Discuss (Thanks, Ernie!) <br clear=all>[Boing Boing Blog]

I have me a small memory key. cost me 44EUR. quite a handy little thing.

. thats my one above. pretty cool! 128mb USB2.