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<font color=#cc33ff>Interesting Article over there. they talk about Solid state disks and the like. Interesting to read. i remember an austrailian company had an idea simular to solid state disks. they had a PCI card that had a load of ram on it. the card had its own power supply, external of course, so if you rebooted your box, it stayed up. Think it started with 512mb of ram (thats about 2 years ago now!) and went up to 2gb or 4gb. I think there was 16 PC 100 Dimm slots on the card. thats enough for something like 16gb of ram now, or is it 32gb? think you can get 2gb dimms? Twould cost you a lot, but its posible! Hmmmm. 32gb of lightning fast drive space! you could store windows on that!!! and everything else!!! haha! cool! Ohhh, This post was created with <font color=#008000>Free</font>TextBox:

A free ASP.NET control written in C# implimenting MSHTML in Internet Explorer. Just posting stuff into it in normal format and i can get HTML out! hehe! going to use this for a blog posting app i want to work on!