this article says that 3 cds survived the collumbia disaster. 2 deep Purple and a Rainbow Cd survived and the where found in the debris.

Astronaut Kalpana Chawla was a fan of the band and took three CDs into space: Deep Purple’s “Machine Head” and “Down To Earth,” and Rainbow’s “Purpendicular.” She also sent the band several e-mails while in space. The band was working on their “Bananas” album when the shuttle broke up on re-entry last February.

The discs were found in the debris, and Chawla’s husband gave them back to the band during their Mexico City concert in September. The band plan to give the “Machine Head” and “Down To Earth” CDs to the Rock Hall, but keep the “Purpendicular” one as a personal memento, since two members of Rainbow are in the current lineup of Deep Purple.

Within an hour of hearing about the shuttle, guitarist Steve Morse wrote a song called “Contact Lost,” which appears on the “Bananas” album.

He plans to donate the royalties to the families of the astronauts.</blockquote>