In yesterday’s Budget, the Irish government added a EUR15 per tonn of CO2 tax to companies… Some quick maths!

burning a Liter of Petrol produces 2.39KG of CO2 Per Liter burned. diesel = 2.62KG / L

that means for Petrol, you would need to burn 418.4 L to produce a Tonn of CO2 (381.6 for Diesel).

so, EUR15 / 418 = 3.5c (Diesel = EUR15 / 381 = 3.93).

Now, thats based on Metric toness and the the government are obviously screwing us a little more…

This maths can also be used to figure out your CO2 emissions from your car…

If your car does 25 MPG (on average) this works out at 11.3L per 100km. this works out that for every 100k you would create 27Kg of CO2. divide that by 100 and you get 270g of CO2 / KM… that’s a LOT!

the opposite is also possible to work out.. My car produces 245g of CO2 per KM…

KG of co2 produces per 100k = (245 * 100) / 1000 = 24.5KG

24.5KG / 2.39 Kg = 10.25L per 100k.

which is about 27.5MPG… change 2.39 for 2.62 for diesel, where appropriate… your millage may vary (sorry, pun intended…)