Right. im going to see about building a site. the Lotas Smartman Developer Network. it will (hopefully) be full of source code in VB6, VB.Net, C++, Java, and anything else. since this is a developer network, anyone who has code, ideas, docs, tutorials, etc, will be free to send them to me and ill post them to the site. now. i can post code to the site, but if there is any zip files or downloadable code, please just send a link to the page. i have a slight lack of bandwidth and storage. anyway, ill add a forums, a proper content managment system, which will be online too :P, and probably some sort of blogging tool for users. this will be free and probably add supported. users who add code to the site will (hopefully) get no ads on their pages, if i can figure that part out. if someone has code for that, tell me too! just leave a comment on this post or email me (webmaster [at] lotas-smartman [dot] net) and ill see what i can do! im currently working on VB code and ill add PHP, HTML and more soon. ill probably put the Content managment system on either BK Bits or Source Forge. tell me what you think. good idea? Bad Idea?