[Slashdot Cable Beats DSL For Average Speed]1. this has been known to me for a while now. a mate of mine is about 500m away from me with ADSL. im on cable. he has a 1mb line from Eircom, i had a 512k line from NTL. when we tried the test first i was getting about 70 – 80k/s from sites within ireland and the uk and about 65-75k in the us. he was maxing out at about 65 – 70k pretty much everywhere. his connection was 2x mine, but i was getting faster! now NTL have increesed their speeds to 600k down, up from 512k. i average 80k most days! So this is no real suprise! and cable is cheaper, where i am. Cable is .35 a month for 600/128 with no bandwidth cap. ADSL has been “halfed is prise” to .45 ex vat, and thats with a 4gz bandwidth limit! vat is 21% here in ireland. works out at about .55.