this tutorial on PCStats shows you have to make less costers when burning cds and dvds. i found out for some reason that linux makes better cds and dvds then windows and nero! and the stuff on linux is free. i have a few copies of nero for the different cdr/dvdr drives i have but the linux box has been 2x as sucessfull as windows burning DVDRWs and about the same when burning DVDRs (note: i only burned 2 DVDR discs, one on linux, one on windows, and 4 DVDRWs, 2 on linux and 2 on windows. only one of the ones on windows where readable on my machine in work, and both that where done on linux where readable. weird!) anyway, interesting tips on the site. ill see if it helps me burn dvds better on windows. weird cause i always tell it to burn non-multi session discs. hmmmm.