Yesterday was my 1st Anniversary of my 21st birthday, or my 22nd for anyone who doesent think like me. a friend of mine, who shall remane annonymous since he doesent know i am writing this, got me a 10lb sledgehammer! HOW COOL IS THAT! thats the most destructive pressent i have ever gotten! :) i also got the remote control for Windows XP Media Center Edition, with the reciver and the IR blaster. i installed XP MCE on wedensday night and it works grand, except for the TV, which i am still waiting on delevery for my 2 WinTV-PVR-150MCE which will hopefully be here soon. So, it is really cool. i was playing around with the MCE yesterday and it rocks. i also got to play with the sledge hammer last night too. i found a really old, dead video recorder in the shead, and now its definatly not working :) no photos because it was too dark to take any. if its still there, i will take the photo later.