i have been playing with boinc for a while now (well about 10 hours at time of posting) and its pretty cool. supports dual processors better then seti@home does (seti@home you have to run 2 copies of the client, boinc, only one. it does the rest!), and also does some work unit caching too. my user page is here and you can see info about the machines im running it on. cant get the mac running it yet because its not running OSX yet, but ill get the server running it soon. also, it loads on startup so its easer to run and forget. at time of posting, no units have been returned. it tells you an estimated time of completion and my workstation is estimated @ about 9 and a half hours. the machine in work, which is a 1.6Gz P4 does it it 24 hours! what a difference. and the speed difference is only about 400Mhz! Madness.