here is the scenario … you are in a public restroom. got a notebook bag hanging from your shoulder and you’re doing number one (or two). then your phone starts ringing and puts you in a bad situation. to solve this problem i propose truly mobile pants with bluetooth zippers. you would partner your zipper with your phone. if your zipper was down, then the phone would not ring. problem solved. and since fashion is still king, these zippers would do the standard bluetooth flash. picture being in a dark club with your bluetooth crotch beacon summoning all the women to you. imagine the lines that women of ill repute could use, “is that a bluetooth zipper on your pants, or am i just happy to see you”? and dont forget, your phone would not ring in that situation either. wink wink, nudge nudge, hubba hubba.

[Via] the ideas some people come up with these days! haha.