So, for the last few days i have been running my blogging tasks with 4 major tools: Evernote, Twitter, GTalk and IWantSandy. These are invalueable tools, which i want to talk about today and tell you how i am using them.



Evernote is a great service for taking and hosting notes. I have it installed on my workstation at home, and use the web interface for taking notes while i am away. since the web service and application are linked, they all sync up. and easily too! there are versions for Windows Mobile, Java ME phones, iPhones, Windows and Mac PCs, Web Front End and more. check their downloads page for details.. The service is currently in BETA, and invite only, but your favorite blogger (me!) has 20 invites for the first people who post a link on their blog (side bar, blog roll, etc) to my blog, and send details via comments.


IWantSandyIWantSandy is an Email Personal Assistant. The idea is simple: your given an email address to which you send requests. These requests could be "Remind me to blog about Evernote at 10pm" or "Remember Bobs phone number is 2125554542". there is a list of examples you can use here. Sandy then emails you what she heard (you can turn this off if you prefer) and then will remind you 15min before a given appointment. now, i use Sandy with both Twitter and GTalk. Twitter sends me SMS messages when i get Direct messages from someone, in this case, Sandy.

And GTalk allows me to see what is going on directly on my desktop or the web with GMail. This all works very well, and very seamlessly. IWantSandy is complety free, and all you need to do is go and sign up on the site. Since sandy talks to both Twitter, you can also send requests a few ways though this. Twitter accepts SMS messages and GTalk requests. usually if i am out and about, i can send an SMS message and if i had a GTalk client on the device, i could use that too.