So, this morning, my Proliant server decided that its secondary hard drive was dead, and all my VMs that where running on that box (my ISA/TMG server included) went away… not good…. and to make matters worse, i have been sick all day too…. AND (it gets worse) my CDN (SimpleCDN) has been dead for the last few days also… its not going well… So, i finally started work on the upgrade to the blog. My TMG server is back online. My CSS and JS files and some images are now being hosted by Mosso using the Limelight CDN (SWEET!) and i am starting to look at WordPress for my hosting needs (now that it will work on win2k8 and IIS without much of a problem).  Sorry for the long time getting back into blogging… been lazy. you can follow me though on Twitter (@tiernano)