So, last week sometime, the blog moved back in house. This page is being served by my Mac Pro, not the dedicated server i had (canceled the account). So far, so good.

Next, the Mac Pro has gotten a memory and Hard Drive upgrade. See the following images for info:

Hard Drive upgrade

9Gb Memory

PS: images taken with Snippy.

Finally, i am going to start work on a Windows Home Server soon. 2 of the drives in the Mac Pro (a 160Gb and a 300Gb) will be starting the system off, and 2 external HDDs (both 300Gb) will be used too. I got my hands on 2 Western Digital Raptors a few days back (74Gb each, 10k RPM) which i will be using as Boot Drives for the Mac Pro. hopefully this will make things faster, though i dont know how much faster it can get… :)