Ok. yesterday i posted a little bit of info about the new server that i got my hands on, a nice Dell PowerEdge 1600SC with support for Dual Xeon processors, with one 2.4Gz installed, 256mb ram (which im upgrading to 768mb in a few days) and 80Gb hdd (which i think is SCSI and 10k RPM). It has GigE networking, which now means i have to upgrade my network to GigE just to support that! The thing is a complete beast of a machine. i havent gotten it up and running in the house, just yet, but i did see it booting where i bought it, so i know it works. This will now become my Exchange server, and i have to get 2 new dual core Athlon 64 systems for a new web server and SQL server, and some other things. the network upgrade 2005 is on! :) Check out the tech specs of the Dell here (PDF Link)