I have been playing with Bibble Labs’
Bibble Pro
for the last few hours, and i am extreamly impressed! there are
some really sweet features about this app. Firstly, the pro version is multi
processor (or multi threadding) enabled. it will use 2 processors if you have
them, and if you have 2 twin core procs, it will use them too. very cool stuff.

I have tired it on both my Dual Athlon and my Dual Opteron, and it works
great. one thing, its not 64 bit. thats the only issue so far. anyway, i gave it
a folder full of raw images (91 in total, weighing in at 595mb, each photo being
8MP, CR2 files) and it took about 8 minuites. This test was on my Dual Athlon. I
havent fully tried a lot on the opteron, just because of lazyness. the resulting
directory of JPEG images came out at just under 200mb, each the full 8mp photo,
and all at 300DPI. very handy. there are some other options too, like convert to
16 or 8bit TIFFs, exporting to full size or proof JPEGs and also a web galery
mode so you have your thumbnails and your full images for the web. Very cool

An other interesting feature is the way it modifies the RAW images. if you
make a change to the image, it doesent modify the RAW File directly. it writes
an XML file (nameoffile.bib) with the instructions to modify the image. All my
images are stored on a server share, so when i open on a different machine with
Bibble, it auto calculates the changes, and heay presto! done! Very cool!

Finally, this is not an ad for the software. I have found it (accidently may
i add) and have been playing with it for a few hours with a lot of files, and
just though someone out there might be interested…

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