Developers</a>: Beyond Linux From Scratch 1.0 Released</b></td> </tr> </table>



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Posted by michael on</p>

Wednesday April 30, @09:41AM</b>

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An anonymous reader writes "DistroWatch</p>

reports about the 1.0 release of

Beyond Linux From Scratch

(BLFS), a subproject of Linux From Scratch: ‘The BLFS Development team

is proud to announce the release of BLFS 1.0. With this release, you can

take your LFS 4.1 base beyond a development system. It can be a desktop,

a firewall, a multimedia player/editor, an Apache web server or all of

the above. You install only what you need. Your Distro. Your Rules.

Enjoy.’ The book starts


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Hmmmm. very interesting. its sounds a bit like Gentoo, but with more work to

be done. Strange. Seen it when it was just

LFS and was going to use it.