I have just downloaded Sisoft Sandra 2003 to see what my machine is capable of. that way when i get my new one, i can see how much faster the new one is! :P So here are some screen shots of the results. WARNING! these images may be bigger then expeted! cpuarithbench.GIF cpummbench.GIF membench.GIF If your too lazy to check the pics, here are the quick results. Memory Benchmark: 1528Mb/s Assignment, 1535Mb/s Scalling, 1499Mb/s addition, 1508Mb/s Triad and 8-byte data item size. CPU MultiMedia Bechmark: 7346it/s Integer aMMX/aSSE, 8093it/s Floating Point aE3DNow! CPU Arithmetic Benchmarks: 4960Mips Drystone ALU, 1998MFlops Whetstone FPU. Too lazy to do any more.